GCW star Ninja Mack spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily about The Wrld On GCW event. He will be part of the Kick-Off Show in a six-way scramble match that will be available to view for free on YouTube. It is a match that he believes will be wild.

“There’s going to be some wild stuff, just seeing the names in that match in the Hammerstein,” he said. “You’ve got Jack Cartwheel, and that man is a young man, and he’s going to be very great in this business. Alex Zayne, what he’s done, and is still doing is crazy. My rival, Dante Leon, he’s there, but whatever, Dante. The guy’s pretty good though. Obviously, you’ve got a 16-year-old prodigy in Nick Wayne is going to be there. The real king of 420 himself is going to be there for us in New York. So, I mean just between those five opponents, this match is going to be a wild match.”

The show will feature some major names such as Jon Moxley and Matt Cardona. However, Ninja Mack believes that there are other names that deserve to be talked about just as much, such as Effy.

“You know, to me as a performer I would say I watched not them just come in, but I watched Effy grow,” he said. “Effy has grown so much in the time I’ve just been there, and he’s been such a big help. So, I know we are mentioning names like Matt Cardona, Moxley, Jeff Jarrett, oh hitting them, you’d best watch out Jeff.

“But in mentioning those names, you need to mention the names of Effy. You need to mention the names like Allie Katch, you need to mention the names of the Second Gear Crew. All of those guys that have been there before me. And they gave me the chance to be there to work.”

Ninja Mack also went on to talk about how the company sold out the Hammerstein Ballroom without any matches being announced. He believes that is why people who have been at every show deserve credit.

“It’s nice that these big names are coming in, and they help our show,” Ninja said. “But we sold out that show before there were any matches announced. So everyone on GCW, all those names need to be recognized. Chris Dickinson, Joey Janela, all those people that have been there for every single show for GCW, those guys need to have their names mentioned.”

Ninja Mack will compete in The Wrld on GCW six-man scramble Kick-off Show match Sunday night, for free, on GCW’s YouTube channel. The Wrld on GCW can be watched on FITE.

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