Hulk Hogan Facing Backlash For COVID-19 Vaccine Comment About Celebrities

Hulk Hogan trended Monday night after a recent Facebook comment he made surfaced all over social media. Responding to someone implying that comedian Bob Saget had died due to the COVID-19 vaccines, Hulk Hogan agreed with the poster and suggested other celebrities may have suffered the same fate.


"100%," Hogan responded. "Betty and Sidney were also jabbed. They're dropping like flies, but they'll never say that."

According to, Hulk Hogan later edited the Facebook post, although the comment could still be seen by clicking the edited link next to the comment. Hogan later deleted the comment altogether.

While the cause of death for both Bob Saget and Sidney Portier are currently unknown, it should be noted that Betty White suffered a stroke six days prior to her death at the age of 99, and no evidence exists that suggests White's stroke was caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.

Hulk Hogan's comments serve as another setback for the wrestling legend as he looks to rebuild his reputation following a scandal several years ago where he was caught on tape making several racist remarks. Hogan was ostracized from WWE following his comments but ultimately returned to the promotion in 2018. He has made several appearances for WWE since to mixed responses, and Hogan was notably booed while serving as co-host of WrestleMania 37 with Titus O'Neal last year.


You can see Hulk Hogan's now-deleted comments, as well as several fan tweets reacting to Hogan's comments, below.