This week’s WWE RAW saw Omos pick up a squash win over a local enhancement talent.

The wrestler was billed as Nick Sanders. From Long Island, New York, Omos’ latest victim is known on the indies as “The Son of The Sun” Leo Sparrow. He graduated from the Create-A-Pro Wrestling Academy ran by WWE Producer Pat Buck and Impact Wrestling star Brian Myers, and has been wrestling for around one year.

Sanders joked after the match and tweeted, “I am alive.”

On a related note, it looks like Omos vs. Reggie may take place on next week’s RAW.

This week’s RAW featured a backstage segment where Reggie and WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke were running away from R-Truth, Akira Tozawa and Tamina Snuka, when Reggie collided with Omos on his way to the ring. Omos man-handled Reggie some against the wall while Brooke yelled at him to put Reggie down.

Omos, wearing a few more gold chains this week, then warned Reggie to watch what he did in the ring because next week he plans to do much worse.

Last week’s RAW saw Omos defeat his former partner AJ Styles in singles action. The feud was not touched on this week, indicating that WWE is already moving on. It was recently reported that WWE had plans to quickly end the Omos vs. AJ feud because they had bigger plans for each man during WrestleMania 38 Season.

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