Former WWE official Jimmy Korderas recently appeared on The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he talked about Day 1 and the Royal Rumble. The annual event is the next PPV set for WWE, and the company has already begun building towards it. For him, he believes there are a couple of potential options for who would win the men’s match.

“It is tough,” Jimmy admitted. “You could look for Drew who is looking like he will take a little time off. Will he be ready for the Rumble? Maybe that’s the plan, for Drew to be the guy, then Drew goes to SmackDown to challenge a Roman Reigns when he returns. That would be an interesting matchup.

“Maybe we do get the Brock vs. Lashley match at Royal Rumble, and Brock ends up winning in some kind of controversial fashion,” he added. “Then Lashley enters the Rumble and wins that. And re-challenges him for WrestleMania, maybe?”

Bron Breakker was one name that was discussed as a potential winner, the NXT 2.0 star has been pushed heavily since debuting and just won the WWE NXT Championship last night. He has yet to be featured on the main roster, however, Jimmy Korderas believes it would be too early for him to win the Rumble.

“That would be interesting,” he admitted. “I see what you’re saying here but I just think it’s too soon for him. It’s too short a span. Mind you, it would be a shocker.”

On the women’s side, there is only one name Jimmy Korderas thinks can win. For him, that is Bianca Belair. That would make her the first-ever woman to win back-to-back Rumble matches.

“I think, in my opinion, the obvious choice is Bianca Belair,” he stated. “Then she goes to WrestleMania and maybe main events the first night again.”

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