Bianca Belair Reveals Move Montez Ford Wants Her To Do To Him In A WWE Ring

On the latest episode of Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning Show, Bianca Belair and her husband Montez Ford joined the show to talk about whether or not they'd like to have matches with each other on-screen. Belair said she doesn't want anything to come between their marriage, and given what WWE has done with other married couples (like Rusev and Lana), she wants her marriage to be broadcasted in a positive light.

"I enjoy doing my own thing," Belair said. "I think he shines as well doing a tag team and then maybe in the future he'll shine on his own, we'll see. But it would be fun to get in the ring together and do something together, but my marriage, man, I don't want to play around with that. It's a little bit of a blurry line for me because I just see my marriage as something that is sacred and I don't really want to play around with it in any way that's negative. If we're on TV and we're broadcasting our love, I want it to be in a positive light."

Both Ford and Belair were asked whether they'd be interested in one day having an intergender singles match between the two. Ford joked that Belair would be the powerhouse of the entire match, while Belair shared a move her husband has always wanted her to do on him.

"I could press him over my head," Bianca said. "He actually wants me to get in a match with him and press him over my head and throw him on somebody, he talks about that all the time."

"She's a different animal, man," Montez said. "That's why I'm always on my P's and Q's. If I step out of line, I won't be fine."

Montez Ford spoke about his wife on The Ringer Wrestling Podcast where he confirmed rumors that Belair would be dropping her own clothing line. The former Tag Team Champion said his wife has already made tons of gear for him that he hasn't worn yet, stating Belair wants to do something some Gucci and Louis Vuitton-type stuff.

Having wrestled in the main event of Night One of WrestleMania 37, Bianca Belair spoke about what other matchup she'd like to add to her resume. The former Women's Champion said she'd love to face Beth Phoenix and stated she's someone she's always looked up to because of her female dominance.

"I want her to come back and have that one last singles match with me," Belair said. "She could definitely come back right now. She works out, she's in shape, she's a commentator right now. She can come back right now and have a match."

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