Jimmy Smith On When Majority Of Vince McMahon Interactions Happen

WWE RAW commentator Jimmy Smith joined Throwing Down w/Renee & Miesha to talk about his current stint on the RAW brand. One of the questions Jimmy Smith was asked about was Corey Graves' mustache.

"It is creepy and awesome all at the same time," Smith said. "It is very creepstache, very creepy uncle mustache. But the weird thing is that, like, you know, he's a heel, and he's doing his job to break my balls every chance he gets just, just, yeah he's just a little bastard, his schtick.


"And what people don't get is, he'll like, rip me up or Byron (Saxton), or whatever and then we'll go to commercial and he'll just look at me like, 'you like that, eh? you gotta take that? yeah'. And it's like, I could beat your a– right here in front of everybody, and I can't. But it's great, and he's allowed to do that."

Jimmy Smith was also asked about working with WWE owner and chairman Vince McMahon, who is notorious for being in his announcers' ear during the show. According to Smith, however, he is generally allowed to do what he wants once they go through the production meeting.

"We go to the production meetings before every show, we talk about what the thought process is behind everything, what the psychology is behind everything. And that meeting, it kind of lays out, you know, how it's supposed to go," Smith said. "You know blah, blah, blah, what everyone's thinking. And after that, once I'm on air, it's kind of funny. I'm generally allowed to completely do whatever I need to do. If there's something he needs me to jump in and say, he does it. But, pretty much the meetings before the shows is when the majority of our interactions happen."


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