John Cena Weighs In On Rift Between The Rock And Vin Diesel

John Cena was a recent guest on Pardon My Take where he gave his thoughts on the situation between The Rock and Vin Diesel. The two well-known actors have been in the midst of a war of words recently, with each man making comments about the situation. Cena believes this is the time for listening to people.

"I don't think that story is about taking sides," he stated. "That story is about hearing everybody's perspective and it is a story where, me as a fan of the franchise, I'd love the franchise to get together for this last run. I hope they call me to be in it but when someone says professional, they want to go in another direction, if you say anything other than, 'okay,' it's their professional opinion to make the choice that they want. I think that's very brave and very honest.

"So I think Vin's perspective has a lot of gravity and honesty and I think Dwayne's perspective has a lot of gravity and honesty," John Cena added. "I think this is, man if we could just stop taking sides and just take a second to hear everybody. These are two amazingly successful superstars, people who have crafted their own existence and are globally adored.

"Vin's been the father of the Fast franchise, he's coming in on his 10th installment," John said. "Dwayne started as the most electrifying sports entertainer in the history of sports entertainment and he is now in his own universe. I guess it's just about understanding where each guy is coming from. That's all."

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