Johnny Gargano admits WWE’s NXT brand “definitely needed a little bit of a kick” before it underwent a dramatic reboot. WWE relaunched the brand as NXT 2.0 last September, with a new on-air look and a younger, less-experienced roster.

“Like anything in wrestling, things change all the time,” Gargano told “Things constantly evolve.”

Johnny Gargano is currently a free agent with his WWE contract expiring late last year. Now watching from outside the company, Gargano thinks NXT is moving in a positive direction.

“I feel like they’re incredibly happy with how things are going,” Gargano explained. “And you have to be happy with how some of those guys have already developed on, in front of your very own eyes.”

Johnny Gargano says he’s been impressed by the new NXT Champion Bron Breakker. Breakker won the title from Tommaso Ciampa earlier this month in the main event of NXT’s New Year’s Evil special.

“Bron Breakker’s a guy that I think I mention all the time,” Gargano said. “You can pay people to learn how to wrestle, right? You can pay people to do this, but you can’t pay someone to genuinely love it or you can’t pay people to want to be better at it. There’s one thing to say, ‘Okay, teach me how to do a wrist lock’ and you’re going to pay me to do that and I’m going to learn the wrist lock and that’s all I’m going to do.

“It’s another thing to genuinely want to be better and when you find someone who has both those qualities where they want to be better and they are getting better, that’s a diamond. I feel like Bron Breakker is a diamond. There’s so many people I can name that I feel like are really taking advantage of the opportunities they’re given right now but Bron is definitely one of them that I believe in.”

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