Jonathan Gresham recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho where he spoke openly about being overlooked in wrestling. He admitted that his size has been an issue, but so has the color of his skin. The Ring Of Honor World Champion admitted that it is very disheartening.

“I would basically get looked over a lot because of my size,” Gresham stated. “And I wasn’t the person to want to bring this up, but in hindsight, I am noticing now that the color of my skin had a lot to do with things too. It was just like, very disheartening because I was hoping that wasn’t something I would ever have to go through. But it happened, and it still happens from time to time now.

“But I am in a position now where I can just ignore it,” he said. “And just keep going and I have that same mentality where eventually, I am going to land where I am supposed to be. Nothing that has happened to me has been what I imagined in my mind. I just keep going, it’s all I can do.”

Jonathan Gresham went on to discuss the situation he has been in. He said that no matter what circle he’s in, there is an uphill battle for him to fight against. This is due to both his height and his nationality.

“The funny thing is, in the circles, it is difficult. Because not a lot of people are in my position,” he said. “You can be black and you can be average height, and you can blame a lot of things on the color of your skin. Which, oftentimes, it is true. Then you can be just a smaller individual of any nationality, and your height will come into play. In the world of wrestling, my height plays a huge issue with everyone.

“Then my nationality plays a role as well,” Gresham claimed. “But then when we go in the small circle, of me being amongst other African Americans. While we’re all in this together, my height still plays a role. Regardless of where I am, I still have an uphill battle to fight, because of my height, or either my race.

“So for me, I just have to learn how to accept that,” he said. “And regardless of what happens, make the best out of what I am given. In my mind, people look at me as having a handicap. I look at my handicap, as a way to tell unique stories.”

Jonathan Gresham also spoke about WWE. He admitted he’s never had a tryout with the company. However, he did reveal one time when he was in contact with the company. But for Gresham, he’s not interested in joining WWE until later on in his career.

“No,” Gresham said on if he’d had a tryout. “I remember I was in contact with Canyon Ceman, maybe before my second contract with Ring Of Honor. So that might have been in 2018, but nothing came of it. With the way WWE has been, I would probably want to do that close to the end of my career.”

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