Killer Kross Comments On His Relationship With Vince McMahon

During a recent episode of Busted Open Radio Killer Kross (f.k.a. Karrion Kross) discussed his relationship with Vince McMahon. The former NXT Champion spent a brief time on the main roster before being released. However, he didn't build up a major relationship in that time.

"Not necessarily," Kross said on having a relationship with Vince. "But he always made himself available to me, I would be able to knock on his door and go in and talk to him about anything. But the information that he had given me about what he wanted from me was usually at Gorilla, at the end of the matches.

"The information that I needed in order to be this character was given to me from writers, and agents, and producers, and stuff like that. Which wasn't very much information, unfortunately."

Killer Kross revealed that the WWE Chairman always said he was happy with him but noted that there wasn't much information provided in regards to character direction. Because of that, Kross kept doing what he had done in NXT.

"He told me he was very happy with everything that I was doing. And in terms of bringing a character to life, aside from the outfit, I mean, I wasn't really given much direction," Kross said. "So I just continued to do what I had been doing in NXT in terms of that presentation that we were seeing.

"Which unfortunately felt like it was amputated because Scarlett was still singing the music, she wasn't there. Then there were still remnants of things that we did with this NXT thing. But with no explanation as to why this character was wearing the helmet or suspenders."

Ultimately, Killer Kross didn't have a strong run on the main roster, which led to his release. The former NXT star discussed where he believes the company went wrong in terms of his booking.

"Respectfully, where I think they went wrong with us was not providing the audiences with a little bit more continuity or explanation as to what was going on," Kross said. "Because people checked out emotionally from what they were watching. Because they didn't have an explanation as to what was going on.

"In the written world of fiction, we can come up with any reason whatsoever. As long as it's logical and respectful to their intelligence, why you're watching this and why things are off and why things are different. And, week to week, they never got that, so they checked out."

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