On the latest episode of Booker T’s Hall Of Fame podcast, former Women’s Champion Lita gave her thoughts on Mandy Rose. The two interacted in Tough Enough, and she admitted that the old reality show could be a curse. Because of that, she’s glad to see the current NXT Women’s Champion hitting her stride.

“It’s cool,” she said of Mandy’s success. “A lot of these people, especially when you’re thrust in from Tough Enough, stumble. It’s a bit of a curse Tough Enough, right? But then to go down to NXT where they’re kind of helped more to find their strengths and to give them encouragement to find who they should be. It’s cool to watch someone really hit their stride.”

Another wrestler that Lita interacted with on the show was Shotzi Blackheart. The SmackDown star was medically unable to compete on the show, and the Hall Of Famer broke that news. Now Blackheart is thriving, Lita would like to share the ring with her in the Royal Rumble tonight.

“Shotzi, she was almost on our season of Tough Enough, but she didn’t pass medical,” Lita said. “She had an issue and she couldn’t do it. I said to her, ‘you’ll get another shot,’ and boom, now she’s at NXT, then she comes up, and she’s in the Rumble.  So to get to have that full-circle moment with somebody as like, ‘you’ll have another shot.’ I didn’t know that it was going to be with me face to face. But if we are in there at the same time, these full circle moments are cool.”

When it comes to possibly doing the show again, Lita admitted she would be down for it. She discussed what it was like working with Booker T, and how wrestlers don’t have to win in order to thrive.

“Book, I would sign on the dotted line today if we were both doing another shot. I had so much fun, the experience, but working with you,” Lita claimed. “Getting to work together, we had a similar, but we would phrase things slightly different. Trying to figure out how it’s going to get in somebody’s head. I think it’s a really fun show. And as people see, you don’t have to win it to make an impression. Because people go all the time to create their own path.”

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