During the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry reveals he has recently injured himself. The WWE Hall Of Famer has been back in the ring helping AEW talent, but he is now set for potential shoulder surgery.

“I recently got in the ring and started working with the big guys. Right now, I am still in pain and I am just letting you know. As your girl Janet said to me, ‘don’t get in there, in the ring, and lose your mind,'” he told Michele McCool. “I only know one way, so I did get in there and lose my mind, and I’m beat up. I think I am going to have to have surgery on my shoulder.”

Mark Henry was providing that advice because McCool will be involved in the Royal Rumble. She has been confirmed as an entrant for this year’s match ahead of time. During the podcast, the former Divas Champion revealed which stars she wants to wrestle.

“There’s a whole set of girls that I have never danced with in the ring before. You know, the main names that everybody says, the Becky’s the Charlotte’s. But I love every time I can get in the ring with Naomi. She’s so dang athletic, and just as athletic is Bianca. I have never worked with her other than down at the PC here and there. So, I am really looking forward to mixing it up with those two if given the chance.

“I would like to mix it up with Charlotte because whether or not she knows, I kind of have a bone to pick with her. Because every time she’s on our TV, my little two-year-old goes, ‘mommy, mommy.’ I am like, ‘that is not mommy, mommy is right here. She plays a queen, I am the queen.'”

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