Former WWE Superstar Matt Cardona was a recent guest on Busted Open Radio and spoke about The WRLD on GCW PPV that will be taking place inside of the Hammerstein Ballroom this Sunday night. Cardona will face Joey Janela on the night, and he’s admitted it feels like WrestleMania for him.

“Man, I am treating this like it’s WrestleMania and I know I am putting out those tweets, like, ‘Game Changer Mania.’ But that’s how I am treating this, it’s going to be one of the biggest nights of my career,” he said. “And maybe by the end of it, I will say it’s the biggest night, I can’t predict the future.

“But I definitely have those goosebumps going in, this is a big match. It’s kind of put up or shut up, not just for me, but for GCW. Slowly building up through 2021 and here we are Hammerstein Ballroom, sold out before a card was even announced. I think that is pretty damn impressive, so we have to deliver, all of us.”

Matt Cardona spoke about the possibility of doing an old-school Sandman entrance in the famous ECW venue. However, he admitted that the logistics of coming through the fans might not be allowed in the current situation.

“Listen, I thought about doing that Sandman entrance, that iconic entrance from the Hammerstein. I don’t know with all the rules now if someone could walk through the crowd these days,” he said. “Trust me, I thought about it, I pitched it. I pitched it big time.”

Matt Cardona has been thriving since his WWE release, and he claimed that his time working for Vince McMahon was his developmental. However, he does believe that period of his life made him the person he is today.

“Listen, I have said this and I don’t mean this as an insult, WWE was my developmental, and that’s not a shot at WWE. That is that everything that I learned there, the good and the bad, I am using it to now to make me succeed,” Cardona stated. “The time that I had there, the WrestleMania we were talking about, do I wish I was on the show? Yes, absolutely. Did things always go my way? No way. But as cheesy corny and super positive as it sounds, I am very grateful for that entire journey, the good and the bad. Because it has made me who I am today, the wrestler, the man, everything.”

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