On the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW superstar relived his experience taking the infamous stink face from Rikishi. Hardy also spoke specifically about what the smell was like and why he didn’t have any issues taking the move.

“Many times,” Hardy stated, talking about how many times he’s been on the receiving end of a stink face. “I’ll be honest, the very first time I took a stink face I was like oh my god, what is this going to be like? It smelled like baby powder.

“Rikishi, if you were a guy he liked he’d make sure to be super clean for you. It was like baby powder, it was very easy and not rough at all. It was delightful even.”

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently revealed his experience of taking the stink face, having not been so delighted with the experience for himself. Angle said he wanted “to kill” Rikishi for not wiping his butt before performing the stink face on him. Continuing to speak about the former Too Cool member, his son Joseph Fatu was signed by the WWE back in August.

Several talents during the Attitude Era notoriously would play pranks on talent with The Undertaker and his Bone Street Krew being a notorious group for doing so. Matt Hardy continued to talk about Rikishi’s finishing maneuver and mentioned why different people had different experiences taking the stink face.

“He ran with that crew, he was one of Taker’s guys too,” Hardy said, referring to Rikishi’s involvement in BSK. “So I’m sure if it was someone who had a little heat or someone he didn’t like as much I’m sure [the stink face] would have a different scent to it.”

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