Matt Hardy Recalls Triple H Trying To Recruit The ELITE To WWE

Matt Hardy's latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy focuses largely on AEW World Champion Hangman Page, who Hardy has worked with in AEW and Ring of Honor. One of the questions posed was how Hangman would've faired if he went to WWE instead of AEW. Ultimately, Hardy isn't sure how Hangman would've faired on the main roster, but he is sure that Hangman and the rest of the Elite joining WWE would've changed the wrestling landscape as we know it.

"He would have been extremely interesting in NXT and I have confidence he would have done okay on the main roster too if given a fair opportunity," Hardy said. "You never know there, it's a guessing game, it's a crapshoot in this day and age. If you're a new guy established elsewhere, you never know what you're going to get. It might not follow the career trajectory or path it's taken to get you there.

"So long story short, I didn't speak to Adam Page, but I did speak to the Young Bucks a lot, and they were also in negotiations. WWE was trying to get all these guys, they wanted to lock them all down. But I do know that Triple H, Trips was all over those guys (Omega, Bucks, and Hangman) as far as trying to bring them in, and they offered them a ton of money and I know they did Hangman as well. You just got to think how different would the present look if those guys did leave and go to WWE?'"

Another thing Matt Hardy is sure of is that Hangman Page would've been a big success on the WWE NXT brand. He believes that under Triple H's oversight, Hangman would've been booked in a proper way.

"I think Hangman Page, if he would've went to NXT, he would've been one of the top guys, without a doubt, and he would've been one of the guys carrying the brand," Hardy said. "And I think he would've done well. I think Triple H would've booked him in a very positive and correct way."

Talk of NXT and Triple H allowed Hardy to offer praise for his former co-worker. Matt Hardy believes Triple H proved to be a great booker for the NXT brand, and said he enjoyed working with Triple H during his last WWE run.

"I talked to him about the Bucks," Hardy revealed. "I like Triple H, I've got to say. I think once Hunter more or less actively retired from wrestling and focused everything on heading up NXT, he was so great. As a coach, as a booker, he really cared about the talent and he did all that he could to help them. I could say that about Shawn Michaels as well in NXT, you hear so many great things about both of those guys. When we went back to WWE, I had a great relationship with Triple H."

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