At GCW’s The Wrld On GCW event this past Sunday at the Hammerstein Ballroom, Matt Cardona made his entrance to the ring wearing a flannel shirt that read “F*ck Mick Foley” on the back. The shot at the Hardcore Legend did not go unnoticed by Foley.

A day after The Wrld on GCW, Mick Foley commented on what he called “The Cardona Situation.” In a video posted on YouTube, which he tweeted out on social media, Foley revealed that he’s actually just fine with Cardona’s shot and praised Cardona for reinventing himself. Of course, while he’s happy to play a small part in Cardona’s reinvention, that didn’t stop Mick Foley from taking a shot at Cardona himself in the video’s closing moments.

“Matt took a shot at Mrs. Foley’s baby boy last night with his interesting choice of ring attire,” Foley said. “And while I appreciate the GCW fans flipping him off on my behalf, while I appreciate my friend, the Savage Gentlemen (who I officiated his wedding, that’s real), who wanted to battle him on my behalf, the truth is, from a personal standpoint, I was happy for him. It made me laugh because I felt that Matt was done wrong in WWE. He reached for that brass ring, grabbed it, and was asked to return it.

“Ultimately, anyone who leaves a major company has a choice to make when they hit the independent scene. And that choice is ‘do I just do the same things that I did, the same things that I was known for? Or do I reinvent myself?’ I call that the Drew McIntyre route, the road less traveled. That is what Matt Cardona has done. He has completely reinvented himself and in doing so has become one of the more enjoyable and valuable assets on the wrestling scene. And knowing I’m playing just a small part in that reinvention, a tiny part, well that makes me happy. In conclusion, f*ck Matt Cardona!”

Matt Cardona defeated AEW star Joey Janela at The Wrld on GCW following help from his wife Chelsea Green and longtime friends Brian Myers, Hornswoggle, and AEW manager “Smart” Mark Sterling.

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