WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley built a career on matches and moments that had an effect on the wrestling business. While speaking with Thunder Rosa, Foley explained why he was never worried about the “oohs and ahhs” of wrestling.

“I was always a believer in the impression a match left,” Foley stated. “I’m not worried about how many oohs and ahhs I got, it’s the feeling people have after the match. And hopefully, you want to leave a lasting, most of what we do is fun and disposable right? And it’s great, I think I once, in one of my books, you know there’s so much wrestling going on, it’s kind of like going through a sushi place with the revolving, you know, revolving trays. You grab it and it’s good and everything’s good. And then at the end of the meal, you’re not even sure what you had. It’s really rare to grab on to something, wrestling wise that you can really embrace, enjoy, digest, and keep with you.”

Mick Foley has not made an appearance for AEW to date, however, he has spoken with Tony Khan. Foley recalled his most recent conversations with the AEW President.

“I’ve only interacted with Tony (Khan) twice in the last little over a year. And the one interaction was wondering how I can help Jon Huber’s family and the second one was asking if they could procure the rights to Thunderstruck,” Foley explained. “I just think that you know, there are things you hear in your head {hums the sounds}, it would be such a great, such a great entrance.”

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