In an appearance on Notsam Wrestling, Impact Knockout’s Champion Mickie James talked about her upcoming appearance in WWE’s 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble. Unlike fellow Impact Knockout’s talent The IInspiration, there was no doubt for Mickie James that she wanted to appear at the Rumble, partially so she could have a better last memory than her release from WWE last year.

“I think to be asked to even come back for the Rumble is a really unique thing and I wasn’t going to say no,” James said. “Because I felt a lot of people, you know, especially in the last year, because on the latter, when I left, I feel like that took precedence over my career. It started to put this little asterisk beside my name of like ‘oh yeah, it was that thing.’ And so here is all this magic, like you say, with Trish, and with Lita, and with Melina, and with Beth that I had done and it was almost overshadowed by this little dark cloud.

“And I just didn’t want that to be the final thing, you know? Like that, as powerful as it was and the change that it made, awesome, that really stunk. Because it was the first thing that people would bring up, you know? ‘Oh, sorry they did that.’ ‘Yeah, I’m sorry they did it too and they’re sorry.’  But, you know, I just try to move past it and it felt like it was still this, like, little lingering thing. And so now, this could be the last thing.”

Mickie James was also asked who she wanted to eliminate from the Royal Rumble. She listed off several names but kept coming back to the current WWE Smackdown Women’s World Champion.

“I want to eliminate Charlotte, for obvious reasons,” James said. “I want to eliminate Becky. Well, she’s not going to be out there because she’s already champ. If she comes out there, I’m throwing her a– over the top rope too, so come on down. No, Charlotte for sure because we had a little moment in the Rumble before organically and, you know, the whole time we were there, we never were in a match together.

“It’s wild to think and I just felt like it was a cool — I think too because she was working with a lot of the legends and stuff in that kind of space. So I just felt like, oh, this is organically going to happen eventually. And it just never did, but that’s okay. I think Bianca, I’m going to throw her butt right out too because I know people, she’s probably the number one draft pick to win, you know, so I got to get rid of her. Love her, love her, but competition.”

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