MJF Reacts To The Miz Addressing Comparisions Between Them

As we've noted, WWE Superstar The Miz heaped praise on MJF in a recent chat with The Ringer Wrestling podcast, pointing out how he wasn't nearly the TV star that the AEW star is at the age of 25.

"At 25 years old, I was still in developmental at deep south wrestling," The Miz said. "And still learning the trade. I wasn't putting on matches on national television. I wasn't putting together memorable promos people were talking about. So that just like, applause to him."

As for people comparing MJF to him, The Miz said the young AEW star is "doing a great job" of being the first him.

"I don't think he wants to be the next Miz, I think he wants to be the first him," The Miz said of MJF. "And honestly, he's doing a great job at it."

MJF has taken to Twitter to address The Miz's comments. While praising the former two-time WWE Champion, MJF once again teased signing with WWE once his AEW contract expires in 2024. You can see his tweet below.