Nia Jax Reveals Future Plans Post-WWE

Lina Fanene, better known to WWE fans as Nia Jax, conducted a Q&A on her personal Instagram story on December 30. The former RAW Women's Champion answered a variety of questions about her WWE career and about her future.

One of the highlights of the Q&A was when a fan asked Jax about her most memorable moment in WWE and who it was with. She revealed that it was following the Men's Royal Rumble match in 2019. Nia Jax entered the match and was RKO'd by Randy Orton in the middle of the ring.

Jax answered "Shortly after this moment @KimOrton01 [Randy Orton's wife] was yelling at me 'that's what you get for messing with my husband, still love you, Nia.'"

In regards to her future, she revealed that she's "Starting a business. Growing some cool things on her farm" as she has now reportedly moved on from wrestling.

Nia Jax was said to have been taking a break from WWE prior to her release due to mental health reasons. She had requested more time away from WWE before she was released.