GCW star Ninja Mack recently spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he commented on fellow Cirque du Soleil alumni, WWE’s Reggie. The two men both have backgrounds within the circus world, but he’s never met the former 24/7 Champion. However, he does think their styles are comparable.

“I’ve watched Reggie, I got a couple of friends who know Reggie in the circus, but I’ve not had the honor to meet Reggie yet,” he said. “So maybe one day that will be possible, seems like a cool guy. All the circus people, it’s like family, just like the wrestling locker room, once you get in there you get to know some people, you kind of bond together. So knowing the circus people, I am sure he’s a very cool guy.

Seeing his style, like you said with the footage it is very comparable, so it’s nice to see. But I didn’t leave the circus to have five, six, seven people on the same act as me. I left the circus because I wanted to create something by myself. So if somebody has already developed that kind of an act, Ninja Mack as no problem guiding himself to do something else either. But once again, with his style, I think some great things could be done either way. Anything is possible.”

It was recently revealed that Ninja Mack will be heading to work for Pro Wrestling NOAH. He has spoken about the upcoming opportunity, as Ninja is hoping to improve his quality.

“I would love to wrestle everyone. Not just once, not just twice, three, four, five, six times, I want to wrestle everyone as much as I can. Because the more I can wrestle and the more work I can do, the better Ninja Mack is going to become. So, just with the quantity of work, will then produce a better quality of work from Ninja,” he reflected. “I think if I can produce a bit better quality of work, I think the bets are going to be endless amounts, max bets all day.”

When it comes to his future goals, Ninja Mack admitted he grew up wanting to create a WrestleMania moment. However, he doesn’t see why making an AEW or Impact Wrestling moment can’t be possible in the future.

“I would say, I was growing up as a WWF/WWE fan, I think to join wrestling for me was to make a great WrestleMania moment. That’s one of the end goals, yes, I think that would be a great thing to have,” he stated. “But with the growth of AEW, maybe going forwards, why can’t we have a great AEW moment?

“I mean, Impact’s still alive, Impact’s still growing, and I got to work with some of those guys this last weekend with Sami Callihan at The Revolver, and those guys are always great to work with. Maybe making an Impact moment one day will be just as good as making a WWE moment. Ninja Mack, I am here to work, man. I would love to make all these moments.”

Ninja Mack will compete in The Wrld on GCW six-man scramble Kick-off Show match Sunday night, for free, on GCW’s YouTube channel. The Wrld on GCW can be watched on FITE.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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