On this week’s Wrestling with Freddie podcast from iHeart Media’s My Cultra Network, former WWE creative team member Freddie Prinze Jr. was joined by AEW wrestler, Paul Wight.

Freddie Prinze Jr. and Paul Wight, known as The Big Show in WWE, discussed promo class. The former WWE Champion revealed that Vince McMahon only ever liked one of his promos in that class, due to its toilet humor.

“I remember taking Vince’s promo class,” Paul Wight began. “I think the only promo that I ever did for Vince and he ever actually liked, was the promo in promo class, I don’t know if you [Freddie Prinze Jr.] were there for that one, and I basically talked about going to, about why you shouldn’t let me come to your house.

“Basically, the premise was why if I’m your enemy, why you shouldn’t invite me to your house. And I basically said because I’m going to go to your master bathroom and I’m gonna go blow your bathroom up, and I’m going to clog the toilet. I mean it was some, just you know, because Vince loves that s*** humor, but it was a good story of how I’m gonna get close to you, how I’m going to be your friend, and when you’re not looking I’m gonna go in your bathroom, you know in the main bathroom, and I’m just going to destroy it! I think that was the only I’ve ever done that he liked.” Wight explained.

Freddie Prinze Jr. had much praise for the former WCW star, who was personally responsible for opening up for many more superstars joining promo/acting classes. Prinze Jr. mentioned a time when Wight joined the promo class and did the “watch speech” from the Pulp Fiction movie.

“It was all young bucks, they had a guy named Windham and they called him Husky Harris? They had, Cardona was in there. They had all these like young gunners were in there. Bryan Danielson was in there, AJ was in there, all young gunners, and all of a sudden, we would do monologues from movies, or scenes from movies they like, and you [Paul Wight] come in and you say ‘hey man, I’m gonna do the watch speech from Pulp Fiction, is that cool?’

“So I printed it up for you and gave it to you. Then the next week you come in, and you and I are the oldest cats in the acting class for this one. You and I are there, and everybody else comes in. You go ‘OK, I’m gonna do the Christopher Walken speech from Pulp Fiction, I need someone to be the young Bruce Willis’ and Hornswoggle is in there, and you don’t even let anyone volunteer and you go ‘Dyls you’re the kid!’ and he’s like ‘yeah, yeah OK whatever.’

“He sits there, and I watched you cut this promo, which I will call a monologue, but it was a promo for wrestling and you did it in this like tender, like very paternal it was like ‘I had this watch, in my a**, for two years.’ and you were allowed to take these pause because it was not in front of a live crowd and we didn’t record any of these. I remember when you finished, it was the first time everyone kind of lost their s*** and they were all cheering and Dylan was like ‘I didn’t even get a f****** line!” Prinze Jr. said.

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