Today on her podcast, The Sessions, Renee Paquette, and her producer, Emilio Sparks, broke down the WWE Royal Rumble PPV happening this Saturday in St. Louis. With Impact Knockout’s Champion Mickie James scheduled to be in the Rumble, Renee Paquette discussed the idea of the Forbidden Door opening in WWE, something that she believes WWE often saw itself as being above.

“WWE always seems like they’re kind of above it,” Paquette said. “They do their own thing, they have their own roster and that’s all they kind of work with, and that’s fine. But I like this though. I love that this is happening. I love that Mickie James is going to be in the Royal Rumble.”

Ultimately however neither Sparks nor Paquette are optimistic the Forbidden Door is actually opening for WWE. While Sparks would like to see it in an ideal world, he doesn’t see WWE’s ability to play well with others. Renee Paquette agrees, even if she sees a way where it could work.

“I would like to believe we can live in a wrestling utopia where everything is perfect and every company works well together and there’s no skullduggery and rivalries or whatever,” Sparks said. “But you know as well as I do that this company in particular likes to create a narrative, and rightfully so when you were the only game in town for damn near 30 years and you create your own vocabulary and syntax and lexicon. But even you said it, it’ll be forever ingrained that the Road to WrestleMania starts at Royal Rumble. So they create their own thing.

“I don’t see them bringing in, let’s just say, and I would love to see her perform at a Royal Rumble because I think she’s had such an incredible 2020, 2021, and I think she’s going to have an incredible 2022, Deonna Purrazzo. I would love to see her perform there and get that acclaim that she did not get when she was there. And again, if we were talking a picture-perfect, utopian society, I would like to see the DMD. But I don’t think they would ever play nice in the sandbox with any company like that.”

“That’s a situation like where if Britt were to enter the Royal Rumble, first of all, she’d have to be in there for a prolonged time,” Paquette said. “She’s got to get that proper rub. It’s got to be worthwhile. She can’t job to a bunch of people, and there’s no way Tony would let that happen either. But that’s not saying there’s not a way to find a way to make everybody happy.”

Renee Paquette also discussed reports that the Impact Knockout Tag Team Champions, The IInspiration, turned down a chance to return for the Royal Rumble. In no uncertain terms, Paquette revealed she understood where they were coming from.

“It is a kick straight in the lady dick,” Paquette said. “Like straight-up your lady dick. I don’t blame them for feeling that way if that’s how they feel. It’s like ‘oh, oh you guys let too many people go and now you need more bodies to fill a 30 woman Royal Rumble? Interesting how that happens.’ I couldn’t help but be slighted by that. As much as you can leave on good terms, it is what it is and everyone’s happy, everyone’s working and life has gone and it’s fine. But you can’t help but be a little bit bitter, you know?”

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