WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is one of a number of professional wrestlers to embrace sneaker culture. Reigns says he currently has dozens of pairs in his collection.

“Just on the shelves alone, probably 75 pairs or so,” Reigns told the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast. “Well there’s, still boxed and untouched, there’s another probably 30 pairs that haven’t even been laced up or worn. I could literally just put them back and sell them third party.”

Roman Reigns has sported some of his favorite pairs of sneakers on WWE television. He says one pair in his collection stands above the rest.

“I think the 1s, the Jordan 1s are up there,” Reigns said. “They’re probably number one. I like the Jordan 4s as far as the aesthetics of them. All the way around, I went to the zoo with the family twice this year. And the first time I wore the 1s. And my sons, they have the same, you know, they have them too, so we try to match with those guys. And they were comfortable. And you know, you walk through a zoo and you’re walking miles and I did not have any aches in the world.

“I wore the 11s on this last trip a couple of weeks ago and I did good for a while,” Reigns continued. “Towards that last couple hours, we were all kind of aching, so I would say the 1s. And it’s funny because Jordan didn’t agree. I think when he wore them, he wore throwback pair and he was like, ‘how did I play at a high level in these?’ But for me the 1s are it.”

Roman Reigns is currently preparing to defend his Universal Championship against Seth Rollins at the Royal Rumble tonight. Rollins has embraced wearing some outlandish attire on WWE television over recent months. Reigns says his personal style is much different.

“We can go in the closet right now and it’s like Good Fellas,” Reigns explained. “We’re just fingering through all these suits. Is money stashed in them? There’s probably a little money stashed in them. I could absolutely do anything I want to do as long as I put my mind to it. And you know, obviously, you have to connect to it. I wouldn’t go as outlandish. I mean, my suits are something you can wear every single day and it’ll still be like, ‘oh damn, that guy, you see what he’s, oh’. You know what I mean? Every time I wear a suit, Paul Heyman’s jaw just drops because he’s a suit guy and he already knows what it is. So are they as crazy and flamboyant? No. They’re just sharp. The needle, the top level is the Tribal Chief though.”

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