Ruby Soho Details Her Living Situation With Former WWE Star

Ruby Soho spoke with the New York Post recently, where she talked about Sarah Logan's lifestyle on a farm. The AEW star has actually moved there in order to live with her former tag team partner. This is down to Logan wanting Ruby to be around, and she spoke about the positives of that life.


"I tell a lot of people often I want you to picture that exact opposite of the lifestyle that you think I would live and that's the lifestyle that I live. It was a pretty easy decision," she admitted. (h/t to New York Post) "I moved here in I believe February, probably closer to March of last year. I am godmother to Sarah's son, Cash, and she asked me to be as much as part of his life as possible.

"I love that little boy to death and she is one of my best friends. So it was an easy choice and I was able to find this farm in the middle of nowhere. And I was able to get horses and I have a place for my dogs to run around," she revealed. "I honestly have found this peace out here.

"When I'm at work, it's go, go, go," she stated. "It's people all the time pulling me in different directions, and then coming home, it's just this sense of calm that I think that I needed not just for myself, but my mental health as well."


Ruby Soho and Sarah aren't the only members of The Riott Squad to be living on a farm though. Liv Morgan also does, and Ruby believes that Logan passed that to them.

"Sarah kind of spread the bug to all of us," Soho said. "She moved to a farm, the other two kind of followed."

Recently, Liv Morgan has been enjoying a major push in WWE. She has feuded with Becky Lynch over the Raw Women's Championship, but Morgan has failed to capture the gold. However, Ruby Soho is proud of the work and growth she's enjoying.

"I couldn't possibly be more proud of that girl. I'm going to get emotional if I start talking about it," Ruby claimed. "She was kind of put into a position where she is now on her own when she always had one of us next to her to kind of guide her, she has taken that ball and run with it so fast nobody can see her because she is thriving right now.

"She is coming into her own, she is finding herself. She's finding her voice and her in-ring ability is at the top of its game. I told her that after her match," she revealed. "It's a pleasure and an honor to be able to watch and be able to say I was a small part of her journey to see where she's at now because she's a star."