Shayna Baszler recently spoke with about her in-ring style. She admitted that people see her style and think things are real. The former Women’s Tag Team Champion claimed that Vince McMahon enjoys that. However, she also confessed that it has been hard to balance things.

“My style in the ring, people believe, ‘I dunno man, she went off the page and did something there’. Vince really likes that,” Shayna Baszler revealed. (h/t to “There’s times where he’s like, ‘That looked like you were just fighting.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah…’ For a while, it was hard for me to find the balance between, ‘am I a fighter right now, or am I a pro wrestler?’ Even in the ring. I think I’ve really found the melding between the two, it’s been good.”

Shayna Baszler then went on to talk about that balancing act in more detail. She talked about how in UFC, it is all about just taking someone down. However, that is obviously not the case in WWE. Learning that it is all a performance is key for her and this process in wrestling.

“I think it’s just knowing that it needs to be a performance,” she said. “If you watch UFC, I can’t just go in, take someone down, and lay on them [in WWE]. Is there a time for me to do that in a match sometimes? Yeah! If someone’s down, hit them.

“But that can’t be the totality of it,” Baszler noted. “And I think trying to know when to do that and when to rip someone off or something, knowing the whens of doing the two different sides is something I had to learn. And not just for me, but for what [Vince] wants. It’s his show! So knowing what the writers and he wants and when, and navigating that.”

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