Summer Rae On Moment She Would Like To Have In WWE Royal Rumble

In an appearance on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, former WWE star Summer Rae detailed how she was booked for the 2022 WWE Women's Royal Rumble match. The match will take place at the Royal Rumble event on January 29, and Summer's involvement came as a shock considering there had been no rumblings of a return for her since she left WWE in 2017.


"The funny thing is there was no rumblings ever," Summer Rae said. "October was when I left, so that was like October 2017. But then I hadn't wrestled the year before that, so I just crossed over four years gone but five and a half years since a match. So my last match, I didn't even known. You know how the fans tweet you. I think the fans have told me that my last match was with Foxy in a random city in July and I had kind of spoken up and went to a doctor and went to another doctor, and I never really knew. So that will be cool going to the Rumble again, cause I'll be like 'oh, I never had a last match. And I can be present in that moment and be aware of what happened.

"But yeah, nobody had ever called me or texted me or nothing. I remember at the beginning of the pandemic, living in New York I was like 'Connecticut is kind of close. I wonder if I could work for headquarters.' And then the pandemic hit. Always Carrano and Tom would always message me happy birthday. I never burned the bridge, but I also don't have access to Vince or anything."


Summer Rae revealed she was first contacted about the Rumble after she went to an Impact Wrestling taping to see her friend Tenille Dashwood, sparking rumors she may be joining Impact. Talks took off from there between her and longtime WWE employee John Cone.

"I went to Tenille (Dashwood)'s show on Impact because I just happened to be in Vegas," Summer Rae said. "And of course, the dirt sheets picked that up and were like 'oh she's going there.' And I was like 'no, it's just very coincidental.' I just happened to go to her show. I guess I could've sat in the back, but I wanted to see her. So I'm literally packing for Abu Dhabi, it's like nine o'clock at night, and I see John Cone's name pop up on my phone. And I'm like 'what?'

"I picked up the phone and I was like 'what do you want? What is this? It's been four and a half years.' He goes 'well I'm putting together a list of potential girls. Wanted to get your interest.' I honestly didn't get my hopes up. I said 'well that's flattering and cool. Of course.' There's only been, is it three Women's Rumbles? So that's amazing. Growing up, the Rumble for me was like my favorite PPV. It was always that or Money in the Bank that was really cool. And of course Mania everybody loves. But all my guy friends love the Royal Rumble. It's fun, it's exciting.


"So I was like 'that's crazy.' And then I literally flew to the Middle East. They were like 'you won't find out probably to the new year.' And I was like 'okay, great.' So I got it, received it, and let it go. And then he called me I think five days later and was like 'well Merry Christmas, because we actually have an answer for you and it's yes.' I was with Tenille and I was like 'really?' And he was like 'yeah.' And in my head I was thinking 'oh my gosh, okay. What's my gear? What moves do I do? What is my entrance like?' And I was like 'wait, when is this? Who do I tell? Do I not tell?' So it's just all in your head.

"And Tenille was so happy for me. She was like 'oh my gosh!' I was like that too but I was processing it. So I was like 'do they know I have red hair?' And he was like 'yeah. Johnny loves it. Vince thinks it's cool.' I was like 'okay.' I didn't even ask who else was, I was just like 'okay great.' And then I hung up the phone and Tenille was like 'this is great. Spin kick, spin kick, cover.' I loved her response from her for me for that. She's just a really good friend."

One thing that did disappoint Summer Rae was WWE announced her appearance in the Rumble after she believed it would be kept a surprise. Ultimately she is making the best of the situation and is excited for the match.


"They called me last Friday and said 'so Vince wants to announce a couple of people tonight in the guy's match and the girls match. And he's thinking of announcing you. Just a heads up because your socials are going to surge,'" Summer said. "I was like 'wait, really?' And then I was like 'oh my gosh, I haven't told any of my best friends. I'm going to look like such a bad person.' I hadn't told anyone, I really didn't want to ruin the surprise. So when it happened I kind of was like a little taken back, like 'oh that stinks. It's supposed to be a surprise.' But then in my head I was like 'oh cool, I'm going to use this to market the crap out of me and what I'm doing.'

"So every time I'm in the gym it's like the Road to Rumble and now I can reignite my beefs again with Nattie and Pamela/Bayley. I talked to a bunch of the girls and they were all like 'it's an insane match to put together. Everything changes up until the moment that you walk out.' And I'm just like 'how is that even possible? Imagine someone goes up for a superplex and you forget and there's someone across the way and they get suplexed on?' It's just interesting. But I definitely have no ego. I feel like I'm very easy to work with. I think producers probably have a time with the boys and girls matches with those, because of all the personalities and egos and getting your shit in. For me, I would love to have a little Total Divas moment, cause there's going to be so many of us Total Divas in there. Maybe a spot with Nattie or something, and then wave to my friends. I have a lot of people coming."


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