Thunder Rosa On Why She Knew Jade Cargill Would Be Signed By AEW

Thunder Rosa says the pressure will be on Jade Cargill now that Cargill is the first TBS Champion in AEW. Rosa also says Cargill is putting in the work necessary to meet the next challenge in her career.


"Jade, she's working really hard man," Rosa told Throwing Down w/Renee & Miesha. "This is like, out of kayfabe. She works really hard and she really cares for what she's doing. Now that she's the [TBS] champion, there is a lot, a lot of weight on her shoulders. As a champion, as a first-ever champion of a company, in this aspect, TBS, she has a lot to show, a lot.

"And you know fans are going to eat her alive if she's not showing it," Rosa continued. "No matter if you look like an amazon or not. I have a lot of full trust that she's going to be great. And next time I see her in the ring, our match is going to be way better and I'm going to beat her a– even more. I can't wait, I love working with people that I can, you know, I was this close, I would've been the champion now, but you know how it goes."


Cargill defeated Rosa en route to the final of the TBS Championship Tournament. Rosa said she saw the potential in Cargill before she signed with AEW.

"I knew she was going to get signed because she's an amazon," Thunder Rosa recalled. "She looks like an amazon. I've been in this business enough to know certain things. And you know what... I feel like, in certain places even the looks for certain women, regardless of how good they are as fighters, they get signed because of that. Because of how much attraction they can get in certain aspects, so I've seen it."

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