“Top Dolla” AJ Francis Comments On Potential Return To WWE

AJ Francis (f.k.a Top Dolla) recently spoke with Ringsiders Wrestling about if there were any plans for Hit Row on SmackDown. The entire group was released before they could start any storylines and he admitted that you never know what's happening until arriving at the show in wrestling.


"You never know," he admitted. "The thing is like any wrestling industry, because like I said I worked the indies before I got to WWE. In the wrestling industry, you don't know what you're doing until you get to the show anyway. Also, we just got there, so we don't know the proper channels, to see what's going down.

"Also, we are just on the whirlwind of, 'okay, we're here, this is awesome,'" he stated. "We're not tripping anyway, you know what I'm saying? I'm sure there was but at the end of the day budgets ended up being an issue."

AJ Francis went on to talk about the fact that WWE is a business, discussing his release from the company and pointing out that WWE is still letting go of people.

"They just released more people, they are not done releasing people. If anybody thinks that they're done, they're not. I don't know how long that will go on. But, they have a clear objective that they're trying to do," AJ stated. "And look, they're a business. If you get rid of 50% of your employees and you can still make the same or more money, yeah you could keep them on, but it's a business. It wasn't no different in the NFL."


Despite the fact he was cut from the company, AJ Francis doesn't believe that the door is shut to WWE. He pointed out that wrestlers always return, but he isn't sure what Hit Row will look like if that happens.

"The thing is like, the door is never closed with WWE either," he said. "People go and come back to WWE literally every year. The only problem is, how does it look the next time? Is it all four of us? Is it one of us? Is it two of us? Is is three of us? Is it none of us?"

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