AJ Francis (f.k.a Top Dolla) recently appeared on Ringsiders Wrestling about the changes that have been made to NXT in recent times. The company altered the show with the creation of NXT 2.0, bringing in a new look and a lot of fresh wrestlers who have a lack of experience.

However, AJ Francis admitted that he loves the new show. For him, that is because it focuses on characters. That is the type of wrestling that he loves and grew up on. He also noted that there are a lot of others shows putting on great wrestling matches, so if that’s what people want, there are options.

“I love NXT 2.0 because people think that because NXT the older version was very wrestle-centric, there’s more than enough other things that you can watch if that’s what you’re tuning in to watch. There’s more than enough of those, okay,” he said. “They put on great matches, right?

“If that’s what you’re in it for then there’s more than enough of those,” AJ Francis claimed. “But NXT 2.0 is heavy character-centric. That’s the wrestling I grew up on, that I love. Some of the most ridiculous characters were our favorite characters, like The Godfather. To pretend that I don’t like that would be inauthentic.”

Even though AJ Francis is clearly a fan of NXT’s new direction, he does understand why some people aren’t. However, the former WWE Superstar noted that if fans don’t expect something else, then they won’t be as surprised.

“Now, I can understand why someone who loved the old version of NXT for what it was, as in like the wrestling show, wouldn’t like NXT 2.0. Because that’s not what it is anymore,” AJ Francis pointed out. “But if you don’t bite into an apple expecting to bit into an orange, you’re not surprised when it’s an apple.”

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