In an appearance on The Bellas Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus discussed with Brie and Nikki Bella what would be their ideal WrestleMania match. Nikki stepped in to answer this one, suggesting an eight-woman tag between the original pioneers of the WWE Women’s Division and the Four Horsewomen.

“I think for Hollywood, it as to be all of us (Nikki, Brie & Trish) on a team and Lita versus the four horsewomen,” Nikk Bella said.

Later Trish Stratus was asked about being one of the first-ever big women’s stars in WWE and someone who was known for putting on good matches. Trish Stratus described it as a slow process of laying the groundwork and re-educating everyone from fans to backstage personnel in order to make women’s wrestling more acceptable on a mainstream level.

“I just sort of go ‘you’re welcome’ to everyone,” Stratus joked. “No, of course, it’s collaborative efforts for sure. But I mean, it really was, it was a lane of groundwork. And from the beginning it was, it was everything from re-educating fans on what to expect from the female performer. It was the acceptance of the fans. It was the acceptance of the producers backstage for them to go ‘okay, maybe we can give them this.’ You know, I remember one time, to have a hardcore match was like, was a big deal mostly because ‘I don’t think that they can handle it.’ ‘Well, why can’t we handle it, if they can handle it? We can handle it too.’

“I remember one time I took a chair shot from Victoria and it was like a really, like, let’s just put it this way. Some people were really unhappy that that happened. But why? The guys take chair shots all the time. I wanted it, I consent to this. So yeah, it’s just, what a journey and just so many, so many players along the way to help make it happen. You know you look at Jazz, you look at Victoria, and Molly Holly and Mickie James. So it’s cool to watch. And then you know you hear people talking about ‘this inspired me. This event inspired me.’ It’s touching. That’s honestly what you set out to do in your world.”

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