AEW Superstar Wardlow was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet. The two discussed his current run and some of Wardlow’s favorite moments. Wardlow would then give detail into his top two matches, and deemed them the two best days of his life.

“That is up there with the CM Punk match,” Wardlow said. “The CM Punk match and the Cody match, those are the best days of my life. The two happiest days of my life. And that was the same thing, man, the match. The difference is, in the CM Punk match, I actually took the time to enjoy myself. Like, I finally just calmed down and looked around at the crowd and I was in the moment, truly.

“The Cody match was like a blackout. It was all business, it was like, let’s get through this. So I don’t really remember much of the Cody match vividly like I would the CM Punk match. Just because of so much pressure. First time on TV, first match, Cody and I had never touched. So it was, you know, before I walked out of the curtain, Tony Khan looked at me said, ‘You know, dude, don’t eff this up.’ So it’s like, all the pressure in the world, but I feel like I thrive in high-pressure situations. I think that’s what truly makes me, me.”

Wardlow prides himself on living up to big moments, now having stepped in the ring with two of the biggest names in the sport. He would recall his match with Cody and what worried him about the moonsault spot off the cage.

“Honestly, my biggest fear, I’m surprised that it didn’t, I was afraid that he was going to rip my arm out of its socket, or tear something, or pull something,” Wardlow said. “That’s a lot of weight coming down from very, very high up. All that impact was one my one arm and shoulder, so, how we made it out of that with him I think just having a broken toe was all — we’re very lucky.”

You can watch the full interview below

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