Backstage Talk On Cody Rhodes From WWE And AEW, Brandi Rhodes

There is said to be plenty of support for Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes within AEW, according to Fightful Select. While there were some disagreements between Rhodes and AEW President Tony Khan, that led to the departure, word is that the split was at least "amicable."

There have been some positive stories coming out of AEW, of Rhodes doing things for the roster, like setting up a bar at Daily's Place, while others have said his tumultuous relationships over the past few years had been a detriment.

Regarding the mood at Wednesday's AEW Dynamite in Nashville, word is that things were "business as usual," with one source noting that it was a reminder that this is pro wrestling and life goes on. It was said that nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and most don't expect AEW to try to ignore or erase the existence of Cody Rhodes. He was removed from the Dynamite intro, but that's standard.

Cody is still expected to sign with WWE, but he had not inked a new deal at last word. It was reported on Wednesday that Brandi is not expected to join Cody in WWE. There's a prevailing belief within the WWE locker room that Rhodes fell out of power in AEW, and wanted a significant raise, but it should be noted that neither Rhodes or AEW officials have mentioned this yet. There has been some excitement and shock over Rhodes likely returning to WWE, and some top stars are reportedly ready to welcome him back with open arms. One top talent said they believe Rhodes' return will be great for fans, and considers it to be the most interesting thing in WWE in a long time.

Brandi's "A Shot Of Brandi" digital series is being actively pitched and shopped around as Brandi will retain the rights to that show. There's been some speculation on Brandi's pro wrestling future as many believe she will continue to try and pursue an in-ring career. She was reportedly spotted training in the ring at the Nightmare Factory school earlier this week.

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