Backstage Talk On Shane McMahon And Bad Bunny Concerns At WWE Royal Rumble

A new report indicates that there may be more to the Shane McMahon story.

As noted earlier, it was revealed that McMahon is no longer with the company after his father, WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, made the decision to "quietly let him go" after the WWE Royal Rumble debacle from the weekend. Shane is no longer factored into Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 38 plans, and this run is reportedly over before it really got started. You can click here for a recent report on Shane's backstage heat for his behind-the-scenes work on The Rumble, and you can click here for today's report on Shane's departure.

In an update, it was reported this afternoon by @WrestleVotes that the Shane story could have "ripple effects" for years to come.

"It goes beyond anything that may or may not have happened Saturday night," the report noted, but no other details were provided.

Furthermore, Mat Men's Andrew Zarian noted that one issue with the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match had to do with rapper Bad Bunny as there were numerous changes to what number he would enter the match at. This was a cause for concern and people within WWE were upset.

"WWE doesn't want to come off negatively with such a major outside star," the report noted.

It wasn't clear if McMahon was responsible for the changes to Bunny's Rumble Match booking, or if one of the other producers/writers were.

Bunny ended up entering the Men's Royal Rumble at #27 and was the 26th elimination, tossed out by winner Brock Lesnar after 7 minutes and 41 seconds in. Bunny picked up two eliminations while in the match – Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler, which was assisted by Rey Mysterio.

Stay tuned for more Royal Rumble fallout as additional information becomes available.