Becky Lynch On Gift Nia Jax Sent After Breaking Her Nose

An iconic moment from Becky Lynch's rise to becoming a top WWE star in 2018 was the result of an accident. Lynch was concussed and left with a bloody, broken nose at the hands of Nia Jax on an episode of RAW in November 2018.


"It was a last-minute call, we had just finished a European Tour," Lynch recalled on The Broken Skull Sessions. "As we were getting on a flight to come back to the USA, we were told we were needed at Kansas City. This is Kansas City, Missouri. So we had to get on the charter. So we only showed up right as the show was already on.

"Nobody had time to figure out what we were all doing and these were the spots," Lynch continued. "And I went there, turned Nia around, started beating on her. She hit me with that one punch. I went down and I didn't know, I was on autopilot after that."

The brawl was part of the build-up for the Survivor Series. At the time, Becky Lynch was scheduled to face Ronda Rousey on the show. Lynch's injuries forced her off the show. She was replaced by Charlotte Flair.


Becky Lynch says Jax was apologetic about injuring her and Lynch doesn't seem to carry any hard feelings about it.

"She sent me flowers, but I should've sent her flowers," Lynch said. "Yeah, yeah it was after that, there was an iconic image to go with the match."

Becky Lynch feels the injury was a turning point for her character. She also feels that things changed for her character after she returned.

"It felt like it was better on the run-up to that," Lynch recalled. "Because then I was a heel. So I was still being booked as a heel even though I'm a massive babyface and there was a lot of freedom in that. And there was a lot of – I wasn't expected to show much vulnerability. And with 'The Man' character, vulnerability is a little bit hard and I'm not saying you shouldn't be vulnerable. You always have to show vulnerability, but in this stage, it wasn't essential.

"And then after that, things started to get a little bit convoluted," Lynch continued. "But obviously, it catapulted me to a different stratosphere. But I'm talking about the feeling and all of that. I felt better on the run-up to that than the run after that."