Big Swole was a guest on one of the latest episodes published by Public Enemies Podcast, as she discussed her time with AEW and her relationship with AEW President, Tony Khan.

Swole opened up further about a conversation with Tony Khan she had backstage where she says he told her that her in-ring skills were not an issue. She says in retrospect, it made her doubt herself and forced her to look back at recent performances.

“Like he gave me his reason and everything but, my skills were never into question and it sucks because sometimes, you know, you allow people’s personal views to seep into yourself when that should be a complete personal issue because you know, what people think about you is none of your concern,” Big Swole said (h/t to POST Wrestling for the transcription)

“But it did have me going back and looking at my most recent matches and I watched my match with Diamante and I did, I watched the ‘three strikes’ match but the one right before that, the singles match where she cheated with the rope and that was money. I watched it, I sent it to other people in the business that I trusted that actually have been into the ring and stuff like that and the proof was right there. ‘Okay, all right.’

“I was like, sometimes, you have to check yourself and I feel like that’s where my growth and my strength is-is that I know myself well enough that hey, you know what? I’ll double-check myself because maybe sometimes, you are in the wrong. Sometimes, maybe you’re so clouded up here [in your head], maybe you’re not seeing clearly but honey, the clarity, not in this case. I got clear eyes.”

The current Phoenix of Rise Champion for Rise Wrestling went further regarding her feelings about the whole scenario and Tony Khan‘s comments after she was let go.

“I was like dude, you weren’t saying all that when you was smoking my weed,” Swole explained. “He said that we were friends and I was like — what gets me upset is that when someone says that you’re friends and like, of course, he has all the money in the world. He can buy all the shmizz he wants to but I’m gracious enough to give what I have in fellowship, break bread with you. I’m opening up my heart to you. You said that we’re friends. I called you, we’d text.

“It’s just upsetting because I thought that it was genuine and I’m a cancer [zodiac sign], I’m an emotional person and when I let people inside of my heart when I let people inside of my circle, my family, that’s important to me and for someone to break that line of trust is just — it’s unbelievable. It’s heartbreaking. Really it is because I thought we were friends. But damn.”

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