Brody King Reveals WWE Angle That Hooked Him As A Kid

During the latest episode of Talk Is Jericho, one of AEW's newest signings Brody King spoke about his ring name. He admitted that the name has a nod to both Bruiser Brody and Brodie Lee. However, his trainer didn't like it originally.

"Yeah," he said on if his name is attributed to Bruiser Brody. "So, I guess when I was picking my wrestling name it was like beating your head against the wall. I had some stupid names like Maximus King, or something else. I think my training partner and tag partner, Tyler Bateman was like, 'why don't you use Brody? You look similar, you have a similar style.'

"And Brodie Lee was also one of those people that I was watching a lot. His independent run on Chikara and stuff and obviously his stuff on WWE, I thought he was really, really awesome. So, both of those was like, 'yeah, this is a good fit.' He was Luke Harper at the time, I was like, 'alright, let's be Brody King, I guess.' My wrestling trainer, Chaos, did not like it but I was like, 'well this is it.'"

Following his time with Ring Of Honor coming to an end, Brody King and Malakai Black began teaming up within PWG. They decided to give it a go, and the fun idea has then led to what fans watch now.

"Then when he got released it was kind of at the same time that the uncertainty of Ring Of Honor in my head started happening," he said. "We just kind of had this idea of, 'what if we did this, what if we did the House Of Black?' It was like, 'this kind of seems like a perfect fit, what do you think about just trying it out?'

"PWG reached out and was like, 'hey, would you guys be interested in doing some tag stuff?' Malakai was like, 'yeah, absolutely, let's just see how it goes.' And that just turned into what it is now. It was like all these moments just kind of collided into one, just this fun idea that we had as friends is now a thing."

Brody King revealed that as a child he enjoyed The Ministry Of Darkness. That style is something that he believes is missing in wrestling at the moment. The AEW star also spoke about working with Malakai Black, who he is learning from.

"I think with House Of Black we really have something different to offer. I don't want to compare it to anything directly. But, it has a very Ministry Of Darkness aura around it. That was something that latched onto me as a kid. Watching all these crazy-looking people, crucifying Stone Cold. That was stuff that was like, 'this is awesome.' That was something that grabbed me as a kid, and was like, 'this is what I want in wrestling, this is what I want in movies, and music and everything.'

"So to kind of be able to put our spin on something like that, and be the darker element of wrestling that I feel like has been kind of missing for quite some time is awesome. I feel like there's a lot to work with, there's a lot to grow with. And I think that Malakai is one of the best wrestlers on the planet currently. Being able to learn from him, and being able to team with him. I feel like our chemistry works well together. Our styles are very different, but they work in unison."

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