Christopher Daniels Discusses Lingering Side Effects Of His Eye Injury

AEW's Christopher Daniels recently spoke to Insight with Chris Van Vliet about the eye injury he suffered nine months ago. It is something that still hasn't fully healed, with discoloring still taking place in that area. He revealed that his doctor said this can happen, and for some reason, it is sticking with him.


"When I talked to the doctor about it and he said that this, it can happen on occasion, that hemorrhages sort of doesn't drain or heal. And you know, it doesn't have anything to do with the iris itself," he said. "It's just the white of the eye that's sort of discolored. So yeah, I mean, it's could be like this, it could dry up in like a week or it could be like this for a while, I have no idea.

"This is the first time it's ever stuck with me. I've had this injury before. Not this eye, but I mean, I've had hemorrhages before. Black eyes and things like that. But for some reason, this thing is just sticking."

Christopher Daniels also spoke about his potential return to the ring. The former AEW Tag Team Champion hasn't had a match for the company since his injury. However, the experienced wrestler pointed out there's a crowded field right now, but he hopes to make his way back soon.


"The landscape of AEW is in constant flux," Christopher Daniels pointed out. "Additions, subtractions, so I mean it's just a crowded field right now, and hopefully, I can make my way back there. You know, there's no real timetable as to when that might be. So I'm sort of at the mercy of circumstance."

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