During an interview with The Sessions with Renee Paquette Podcast, AEW Superstar Dax Harwood joined the show and spoke about his relationship with WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

In preparation for his return to WWE, Dax and his partner Cash Wheeler played an integral role in getting WWE Hall of Famer Edge up to speed to return to the ring. Harwood spoke about the conversation they had with Edge in preparation for his return and also revealed another time the team was asked to help him out.

“We have been friends with [Edge] for a very long time,” Harwood said. “But he called both of us and he said ‘Hey, there’s not too many people in wrestling that I trust, I would love for you guys to come to Dr. Tom’s and work around with me. I know you won’t take it easy on me and I need to know if I’m actually going to be able to do this.’

“It was obviously an honor. As much of a friend as he is to us, I always say like it never goes away that a hero, who is a friend, a hero of mine wants us to work with him or help us get ready or comes to see Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. FTR or calls us whenever him and Randy are having ‘The Greatest Match of All Time.’ Randy called us to meet them to put this match together with them.”

Edge has referenced both FTR members on WWE television before, mentioning them during his feud with Seth Rollins. Continuing to highlight their friendship, Cash Wheeler detailed that Edge was very impactful on his career, coaching him through struggles he had in 2012.

During their time with WWE, FTR aligned themselves with Randy Orton for a short period of time and Dax Harwood said that was all Randy’s idea and push to make it happen. Harwood also talked about their alignment with Orton and how they bonded over their love for wrestling.

“There was no one else in WWE who fought harder for us than Randy, maybe Roman as a close second,” Harwood said. “Randy fought super hard for us, the whole FTRKO thing wasn’t supposed to be a thing but it worked and we worked together. We worked a few house shows together and he was so impressed with myself and [Cash], [Cash] would call stuff in the ring and we got along on the tour buses and stuff and it was just easy.

“I think he’s a wrestling fan, even though he didn’t grow up a wrestling fan, he’s a wrestling fan and he sees that we’re huge wrestling fans so we kind of bonded over that and asked questions about his dad. He saw how hard we worked and he loved that and it’s so weird because of who he is and what he is and who we are and what we are, you would think we’re polar opposites and maybe we are, but it made for a great friendship.”

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