On the latest episode of the DDP Snake Pit podcast, DDP, Diamond Dallas Page, talked about his recent marriage to wife Payge McMahon. DDP started how he met his wife, who shares the same name as him.

“My lady that I’m with, you know, her first name’s Payge,” DDP said. “That’s how I met her too. I was going through a TSA line 12 years ago this upcoming May. No 10 years ago this upcoming May. And Arthur’s video had gone viral. That’s when it went originally viral, in May of 2012. And a beautiful woman in front of me and I’m looking at her while I’m putting stuff on the rack and she looks back at me and she’s like ‘hey are you friends with Ira Dean?’

“Ira Dean’s a country star and I was staying with him that weekend for a charity event I was doing. And I say ‘yeah, I just spent the weekend with him.’ And she goes ‘you’re Page right?’ Because that’s my original first name. I said ‘well yeah.’ She goes ‘so am I.’ I go ‘what do you mean so are you?’ She goes ‘my name’s Payge too.’ Oh really, that’s crazy. At some point, I found out her last names McMahon. When I told Jericho that when I was in AEW the night of my last match that I did, when I told Jericho that, he burst out laughing.”

DDP and his new wife were married in a surprise ceremony in December of 2021. He talked about how Payge called it the best memory of her life and how she preferred something like that over possessions.

“As we come around the corner, surprise!” DDP said. “There’s another 100 people there. Rob Vam Dam and Katie Forbes. I just was at their wedding. They both came. One of my daughters, Lexi, lives with Big Cass, so William came. Enzo was there and Marc Mero, Eric Watts, Ice Train and then Gia and Ace Austin from Impact, they were there too. So we had a bunch of wrestlers there.

“And friends I grew up with and she grew up with. It was a Thursday night, I didn’t expect hardly anybody to show up, but there were 100 people there. She would say it was the best memory of her life. That’s why she wanted to go to Antarctica. That’s why she didn’t want the big ring, she wants memories. She doesn’t want like, possessions, she wants memories. As it turns out, she calls it the best memory of her life, the best moment.”

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