AEW star Eddie Kingston has missed the last several weeks with an orbital bone injury, though he is expected to be back soon. In an interview with the WrestleTalk podcast however, Eddie Kingston stated that he could be back right now and is ready to go. He also talked about previously working through a similar injury to the one he has now.

“The injury’s great, I’m ready to go right now,” Kingston said. “If the doctors would clear me, I would go. I would just have to protect the whole time. But I’m also used to that. Like I’ve had this injury before. But out on the independents, you gotta go. I gotta make money, I gotta pay my rent. I had the match, things happen, it’s not ballet, plus we’re fighting. I like to keep it as realistic as possible. Blew my nose to my eye, swelled up. I said ‘oh it’s an orbital, without a doubt. I’ve had this before.’

I wanted to ask the AEW doctor ‘hey is it alright if I cut it again?’ And he was like ‘what are you talking about cut it again?’ ‘Well, I cut it and I just don’t do things for a little bit and I’ll be fine.’ He’s like, ‘no. Go to the doctor.’ I was like ‘okay.’ But that’s what I had to do on the independents. You know what I mean? Where I would cut it a little bit to get the blood or the air out and then tell the, you know, go work the next day.”

When asked what he could do to speed up recovery, Eddie Kingston revealed there wasn’t really anything to do. Nevertheless, he feels he is getting better, mentally and physically, every day.

“Put ice on it and rest up,” Kingston said. “There’s nothing I can really do. There’s no secret yoga or gun thingy, whatever gimmick to make it better. You just got to deal with it. I’m getting better at, when I first started lifting again, right after I would lift, it would feel like my skull wanted to pop out of my face because I was lifting too heavy. Now I do it and it just throbs a little bit, so it’s getting better every day. Mentally, you know, I’m getting better every day.”

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