Jaxson Ryker Reveals Advice WWE Gave Him During Controversy

Former WWE Superstar Jaxson Ryker recently spoke with the Wrestling for the Faith podcast. He reflected on how The Forgotten Sons were put on hold after his pro-Donald Trump tweet. They were taken off television, and Ryker thought he was going to be fired.

"It put a halt from the time. That tweet went on in June, we were on fire, The Forgotten Sons," he said. "I didn't go back to TV until the end of December that year. So, for six, seven, eight months. I am sitting at home thinking, 'am I going to lose my job?'"

Jaxson Ryker opted to keep the tweet online, despite the controversy that it was creating. He even revealed that members of his own family had suggested that he should take it down. However, Ryker revealed when he was younger, he'd have been fighting people about it.

"I had family, and not out of a mean way or anything like that. I had family and friends come up and go, 'maybe you should just take that tweet down, and maybe you should issue an apology or something like that.' I had family members, and I get it, they were worried about my family. They were worried about my job and all this stuff. Dude, I stood my ground. In my 20s, I would have been fighting, legit hunting these people down, co-workers of mine, legit fist fighting."

During the time Jaxson Ryker was taken off television, he would ask each week what was happening. He revealed the advice that WWE's office provided him at that time.

"They told me to, 'lay low.' Head of talent relations at the time, I would email him weekly, 'what's going on?' He'd say, 'just lay low, don't tweet.' They never, luckily, asked me to take the tweet down or issue an apology. Because I would have politely said no," he revealed. "I really do stand firm on that. But I was just told to, 'lay low, don't tweet anything.'"

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