Jeff Jarrett On One Of Tony Khan And Vince McMahon's Biggest Challenges

WWE Hall Of Famer Jeff Jarrett was a recent guest on The Ringer podcast, speaking about the wrestling business.

He has been around through several different eras and has been able to witness changes in the industry. He believes that talent now has less leverage than previously. This is because it's brands that are selling, not the individual names.

"Talent has less leverage, less leverage than ever," Jeff stated. "And the reason being, the brands are what is selling. It's no one individual that says, 'oh my God, if he's not on the show next week, or next month, or the next year, what are we going to do?' Those days, you look at a Hulk Hogan, you look at a Ric Flair, you look at Stone Cold, The Rock, those were — they rose above the brand at times during their career. But it's like, what makes a number one hit? Is it the song or is it the singer? You can't have a number one without both."

Jeff Jarrett then went on to discuss what one of the biggest challenges is in the industry. He believes that is working out who gets as much time in the ring when there are so many guests on the roster.

"So, nowadays you've got to have the marketing, you've got to have an algorithm, and everything that goes with that. But talent, that is, to me as a — I'll put on my executive producer hat. The, not just the creative team, but the Vince, the Tony Khan. I think one of their biggest challenges now today is, you've got 42 minutes in an hour, and so you've got 100 guys on the roster. How in the world are you going to figure out who gets what time and who gets how much? Because it does come down to that."

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