Jimmy Smith Responds To Surprisingly Positive Feedback For His WWE Work

WWE Raw commentator Jimmy Smith recently spoke with Busted Open Radio about how he has been received so far by the WWE fans. He admitted that the expectation was for people not to be happy with him, however that hasn't been the case.


"The feedback from the fans and everyone within the WWE has been shockingly amazing," he admitted. "I was ready to really get sh*t on, but I didn't. But also, when I was doing color, a play-by-play guy who thinks he is color is the worst thing ever. I'm sitting there, 20 years in MMA and I'm like, 'you tell me how to defend the hold, yeah right?' I hated that, when there's a play-by-play who has to show off his knowledge, 'I know this, and I know that,' I don't do that.

"I let Corey do that, I let Byron do that, I let them be who they are. Corey is constantly crapping on me, it works out great, everyone is always crapping on Byron. I kind of manage the traffic and stay out of the way and let them be experts, man. That's literally how I see it."


Jimmy Smith also spoke about how he gets into the zone. He admitted that when the headset goes on, he is completely in the zone, which is something everybody is aware of.

"Headset on, monitor, woop. There could be literally a fire going on, and I would have no idea, I have no clue. Same thing with Sirius XM, headset on, lock the door, monitor, and I'm on. Same thing. Crowd reaction is a lot, and all this stuff, everything is going on, they're wiring us, and as soon as that headset goes on and I sit down, I always say, 'Jimmy on headsets,' they know I'm there and they can talk to me. Then I'm in work mode, then it's nothing out there matters, that's when the switch turns on."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Busted Open Radio with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.