AEW star Joey Janela was a recent guest on the Rasslin’ podcast where he spoke about his rivalry with Matt Cardona. He admitted that it is far from finished as he addressed X-Pac’s recent return. Janela is set to team with the WWE Hall Of Famer to take on The Major Brothers at GCW’s Welcome To Heartbreak event on February 25th.

“No not at all, it ain’t finished at all,” he stated. “X-Pac made his return to wrestling, he looked fantastic. He looked the best he’s probably ever looked in his entire career. He’s been looking to come back in 2022, and I think he’s found his house now.”

Joey Janela has played a big part in the growth of GCW as of late. Because of that, he has decided to take full credit for the growth of the scene, while he also did the same for AEW.

“I’ll take full credit for it, 100%, independent wrestling. I’ll take credit for indie wrestling, I’ll take credit for AEW. If I didn’t get thrown off the roof, you have to look at the butterfly effect. If I didn’t get thrown off the roof by Zandig, if you look back, there would never have been a Spring Break,” he claimed. “Then Spring Break brought back PCO. So, PCO would never have come back and never been Ring Of Honor Champion. Somewhere in there, I did the match, that AEW wouldn’t exist at all.”

When it comes to his future with AEW, Joey Janela admitted he doesn’t know what is happening. He addressed rumors of his contract while admitting he thinks his deal will be extended with the company.

“I don’t know, I don’t even talk to them, I get a cheque, but I don’t know what’s going on. I saw some rumors that said 4/30, my contract is up, April 30th. So, I don’t know what the f**k is going on. I think it will,” he said on if his contract will be extended. “If it doesn’t I look like a f**king id**t right now.”

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