Kenny Omega Gives AEW Video Game Updates And Talks WWE 2K22

Kenny Omega provided an update on the long-awaited AEW video game in an interview with Wrestling Observer Radio. Fans have been waiting for the game's release since the games division's 2020 launch.

"We're actually working on our next presentation," Omega said. "So, this, what we're, we're working nonstop around the clock on this game. There, there are a lot of deadlines that we're, we're really trying to reach. However, we don't ever want to keep anyone in the dark completely and it's been quite some time since we've had an actual update, not just of information, we want to be able to show people something.


"I would expect hopefully to have something prepared for people to show very soon. I don't want to promise at the Pay-Per-View or at the Pay-Per-View week, but we were hoping to possibly show a little more of where we're at and a little bit more progression and reveal possibly a new character or characters."

In addition to the character work in the game, getting the wrestling aspect correct is of equal importance. The actual wrestling part of the game can often look clunky or unrealistic. However, for Kenny Omega, this shouldn't be the case for the AEW video game.

"It is coming along though, and for us, at least for me, there's a, there's a large emphasis on just the wrestling aspect of the game," Omega noted. "We want the wrestling too, and it's tough to get that balance, but we want it to feel like, how a match would flow with, within a video game. So you know the matches will go, probably go, probably in general, go a little quicker.


"But, we want them to feel like the user is able to assume the role of their favorite AEW Superstar and/or whoever it is that they create in the create-a-wrestler mode and when they mix it in in the ring in whatever match type that they choose, that they're having a fun time and they feel like they're in control of their person and that the moves have impact. They feel everything, and that it's fun. But at the same time, if you want to be really competitive about it, you know there is that there too."

WWE has been releasing video games for decades, so they have the edge in the department. Kenny Omega acknowledges the high quality of WWE's games, but aesthetics aren't the point of AEW's video games. Having fun appears to be of paramount importance over flash images and stellar graphics.

"We'll never be to compete with the production value of WWE's game. You look at 2K22, it's absolutely gorgeous. So I'm excited to see all their bells and whistles when it finally releases. But for us, rather than pushing, pushing the envelope massively or anything like that, we just want the wrestling to feel like how it used to feel for the people who would play wrestling games back in the day. And just have fun with fellow wrestling fans, or, you know, people that just want to have fun with their buddies.


"Maybe they don't know who Luchasaurus is. Maybe they don't know who Chris Jericho is. But, you know, they'll be able to pick a character on the screen and go like, 'oh, this guy is fun to play as'. That's sort of the feeling that I want to, as sort of a creative designer, to bring that to video games."

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