WWE Superstar Liv Morgan recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman during the WWE Royal Rumble media row in St. Louis about her time on Total Divas. She attempted to be as authentic as possible, trying to act like the cameras weren’t even there.

“I just told myself, just pretend that the cameras aren’t there,” she revealed. “I am not nervous in front of the cameras. But I know like reality TV, you can put on, or you know sometimes it puts people off, but I just told myself to act natural, don’t even notice the cameras, it was interesting.

“I wasn’t officially a cast member. So I wasn’t even featured heavily, I went on one episode to do something with Sonya. They just liked me, so they just kept inviting me. Then the next thing I know, I am on the cast vacation and they surprise me with my mother. I had no idea.”

During her time on the show, she was surprised by the cast during a trip in Hawaii. Her mother was flown in, for a one-day trip to spend time with Liv Morgan. She admitted to being legitimately shocked by the moment, which overwhelmed her.

“I was completely stunned,” Morgan said. “One, I didn’t think my mom was going to get on that plane, she doesn’t like to travel, you know what I mean. So I didn’t think she was going to take this 12-hour plane ride, is it 12 hours? I don’t know even know how long it is to Hawaii, it felt really long.

“But she took this crazy plane ride to Hawaii to be with me for just 24 hours, and then we flew back home. It was my first time in Hawaii, it was her first time in Hawaii. She’s never really been on vacation and neither was I at that point. It was almost too much to handle. Instantly tears, it was happy tears, it was shocking tears, I was so overwhelmed.”

Liv Morgan was also given her own documentary on the WWE Network. ‘Liv Forever,’ was something that allowed fans to see a whole new side of her, but it wasn’t the original plan. She admitted that it was only going to be a short thing originally, but the situation developed naturally.

“It was amazing, there was so many minds behind this documentary. Dustin Wallace, Matt, Giancarlo, it is so weird talking about because it was never supposed to be. We were only supposed to do a couple of weeks of just behind the scenes because I had just been drafted to SmackDown,” she said. “But then, little did we know I was going to be off TV for like 10 months, so we just kept on shooting. So, we had hours, and hours, what you saw on the documentary was just the littlest bit of that year, it was just insane.”

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