Matt Hardy Reveals Date When Jeff Hardy Could Sign With AEW

After news of Jeff Hardy's WWE release being mishandled, the buzz around a debut of the Charismatic Enigma in AEW has skyrocketed. Last week, Matt Hardy went in-depth on why WWE "jumped the gun" on his brothers release and how they sent him an offer to come back and be inducted into the Hall of Fame, which Jeff declined.

On the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the former WWE superstar spoke about his brother Jeff Hardy possibly ending up in AEW after his non-compete clause with WWE comes to an end. After teasing that Jeff could possibly be the one to debut this past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite (which ultimately ended up being Keith Lee), Hardy revealed the official date Jeff would be available to come to AEW and whether or not he thinks his brother will come work for Tony Khan.

"Jeff's non-compete clause runs till March 9th, 2022 so as of March 10th, he will be free to do whatever," Hardy said. "Then he could negotiate with somebody or work for another big company that has television or whatever it may be. Do I think Jeff Hardy could end up coming to AEW and teaming with Matt Hardy again? As they say in the wrestling business, never say never, anything is possible. We're definitely going to be working together and we'll see if the planets align and we do get the opportunity to become the greatest team in all of space and time once more."

At age 47, Matt Hardy has spent almost 30 years in the wrestling business, wrestling historic matches across multiple companies. The AEW superstar spoke about turning his stories into a book and why he'd be interested in doing so once his wrestling career comes to an end.

"I've had a couple people that have reached out about writing another autobiography and they have asked Jeff as well," Hardy said. "There's one guy that has been on Jeff to write his autobiography forever. I feel like now, we actually have content to write a book. I remember thinking when we wrote a book initially, I was like god, we were so young and so little in life. We have pretty amazing stories with the whole wrestling in our backyards on trampolines and the whole OMEGA story is all intriguing and inspirational in many ways but now we have truly lived life and had these amazing successes and these downs.

"We've been through peaks and valleys, so there's so much we can write about now which should really be a book, that would be not just be juicy, but pretty motivational and inspirational. I have definitely thought about it and when the time is right, I would definitely write a book again and make sure it's out. I'm definitely into doing another book and will do another book when this is all said and done."

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