Matt Hardy Teases Tony Khan May Have Bought Out Jeff Hardy’s WWE Contract

Since Friday night's episode of AEW Rampage, speculation has run rampant about an upcoming announcement on AEW Dynamite that will see a brand new signee make their debut and challenge Isiah Kassidy in a Face of the Revolution Ladder match qualifier.


On his Monday Twitch stream, AEW star Matt Hardy talked about the big announcement and AEW President Tony Khan's use of the term Forbidden Door when hyping it on social media.

"Tony Khan has been teasing a big announcement, and then he made the big announcement, that the Forbidden Door is going to be opening up again on Wednesday," Hardy said. "Sometimes people think the Forbidden Door is when someone comes from another promotion into your promotion and they can go back in. And the way he referenced this is, somebody is going to walk through the forbidden door, which means they're coming from another promotion, and they're going to slam the Forbidden Door. This means they're not going back to the other promotion. That's what that means.


"Tony is one who coined this phrase 'the Forbidden Door.' And it opened up whenever the Good Brothers came over from Impact Wrestling and Kenny Omega was going over to Impact and he was coming back to AEW as well. And then there were some people who came in from New Japan Pro Wrestling. People came from NWA, Billy Corgan's organization in AEW.

"That's kind of what the Forbidden Door was, it was basically like 'we can all work together because there's a big company that's kind of monopolized wrestling for a while. So let's all work together and try and make all of our companies as exciting as possible.' So now there's a lot of speculation. 'Is this Forbidden Door prospect that he's talking about going to show up Wednesday night in Dynamite? Is he from WWE?' And it sounds like it's because they say they're going to be slamming the door behind them. So that means they're not going back to wherever they came from."

One name that has been floated around as the potential new AEW star is Matt Hardy's brother Jeff Hardy, who was released from WWE in December under controversial circumstances. At first Matt Hardy suggested that Jeff would not be the guy to wrestle Kassidy, who currently is aligned with Matt Hardy in the AHFO. He quickly however clarified that it wasn't out of the realm of possibility.


"As far as an update on Jeff and what's going on, I don't think he's the guy that's coming in this Wednesday against Isiah Kassidy," Hardy said. "Although who knows? Tony Khan, Papa Khan's got a lot of money. Maybe he bought out his contract. And maybe it is happening early. Who knows?"

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