Matt Hardy Shares Idea For Short Series, Special Episode With Danhausen

On the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW superstar spoke about the Broken Matt Hardy character and what he'd like to do with it now that he's changed his gimmick in AEW. Hardy shared his idea of a short series involving Broken Matt and how he'd like a recently debuted AEW star to make an appearance on the show.


"I actually have this idea," Hardy said. "Obviously, as everyone knows, I have four young children under six years old and because we've been so busy and hectic that once our daughter gets older and she's not such an issue that we have to take care of her every hour of the day, I want to start doing a thing where I do a Broken Matt Hardy short series. Broken Matt Hardy does things here on the Hardy Compound, especially now since my brother Jeff is free and he can be involved in it, Brother Nero. We do these 20-minute episodes, maybe do one every couple of weeks and the Broken Universe still lives on and it's a great place. There is a huge fan base out there for that and AEW isn't necessarily the right avenue for it.


"If I could do these broadcasts, I've actually spoken to Danhausen about it, I was tempted to fly him here first-class to come down to the Hardy Compound, shoot a super entertaining episode of the Broken Universe, and interject Danhausen into it. That might still be something that happens down the road. I am definitely wanting to do something with Broken Matt Hardy where you see him interact with members of the pro wrestling community here on the Hardy Compound."

Danhausen joined AEW on January 26, appearing in the AEW Dynamite main event lights out match between Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy. Since then, Danhausen's new boss Tony Khan spoke about him, saying he's a lot of fun to have in AEW and enjoys giving the fans what they want.

Continuing to speak about Danhausen, Matt Hardy spoke about what it would be like to have Broken Matt Hardy and the former ROH wrestler in the ring together at the same time.

"Danhausen would definitely make a fun and entertaining opponent or partner with Broken Matt Hardy, I can say that for sure," Hardy said. "They would make some super entertaining content together."

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